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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

Behind The Scenes of My Appearance on BBC Breakfast TV

Carlos on BBC Breakfast TV with presenters Charlie Stayt and Louise Minchin 18 May 2012

Wednesday morning I awoke in Mexico, Thursday over the mid-Atlantic and Friday in the hotel right next to the BBC TV headquarters in Manchester, UK. On Friday morning I was a little apprehensive for I was not sure whether I would be in a fit state to rise, shine and deal with an early morning show, and even less whether I would play well to the TV audience. Luckily I was not alone: my producer and great friend David Young, Lisa Davies my promotions manager, and Michael Armstrong the singer were there with me too, for they had all come up from London the previous evening for the occasion. They made me feel very confident.

I got up at 7am to run my fingers quietly up and down the guitar there in the hotel room, had a light breakfast, and together all four of us strolled the 300 yards across to the BBC TV arriving 30 minutes before I was on. The make-up girl took one look at my face and urgently whisked me away to do her best to improve it. The studio manager then escorted me to the spotlit studio from where Breakfast TV is broadcast.

I waited briefly in the wings and checked the tuning of the guitar standing up. Within minutes I found myself on the sofa with presenters Charlie Stayt and Louise Minchin who were friendly and informal and set me at my ease straight away. The programme projected my Strawberry Fields video and also a brief clip of Sir Paul McCartney and me which made me feel really good when I came to picking up the guitar and playing. Honestly I can say it never once crossed my mind that at that moment I could be reaching out to an audience bigger than half a lifetime of live performances!

In the seconds before we went live on air I discussed with the presenters how long to play for, and we settled on one and a half minutes. My mind whirled as fast as its excited state would allow and I decided on the introduction to Yesterday and the first part of Here Comes The Sun. As I talked on air I thought to end the introduction with some high note harmonics to lead me into the second piece. Altogether I found the conversation completely relaxed and the playing exhilarating.

After the show the presenters, David, Lisa, Michael and myself had some pleasant moments together, just like artists and managers would after a live show. We said our goodbyes, and with David I drove down to London towards our next pressing engagement, which was my concert the next day in Marlow that David was producing and managing. Even before stepping into the car, his phone had started ringing non-stop with ticket requests for the next day’s concert. By late afternoon the concert had sold out.

To relax and unwind I went out Friday evening for a meal. Just as we were reaching the dessert my phone rang. It was David on the other end telling me that the Magical Mystery Guitar Tour album had jumped straight to number one in the UK Classical itunes chart. Let me tell you that banana fritters with toffee sauce have never tasted so good.

London, 20 May 2012

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