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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

The Beatles' 50th and my November tour

- what is going through my mind as I go on the road -

In just a few days' time I will be touring the UK with my programme Magical Mystery Guitar Tour which includes classic guitar favourites and a selection from my album of my arrangements of their music for solo guitar as a 50th anniversary tribute to the Beatles. I am putting the final touches to the programme and thinking anew about the pieces I am playing. I wish my performances of them to be the best they have ever been.

In my preparations I have been searching for more meaning and more expression even in familiar music like Albeniz's Asturias and Tárrega's Memories of the Alhambra, which I have known for much of my life. I have tinkered again with my arrangements of The Beatles' music.

When I play music live in concert it is a journey of exploration for everyone, including me. However familiar the landscape to the listener and to myself my interest is to discover and point out new views, new colours, new shapes and unify them into a convincing and satisfying whole. Sometimes music tells a story without words. Sometimes there is no story but the music speaks to us because of the emotions it contains, without us being able to define them in words.

Whatever music may be about (if anything at all), it has form and shape which I try to project in a beautiful sound-scape. Whatever its meaning at least may it sound wonderful!

And so with such notions in my head I leave you so as to ponder and practise a little more in the hope of scaling some more mountain peaks of the pieces I have chosen to play on the tour.

A daunting task it is, but I intend to have loads of fun doing so!

"Magical Mystery Guitar Tour" during November plays in Liverpool, Oxford, Marlow, London. Norwich, Swindon, Wirksworth and Cambridge. See the Tour Dates page for full details and to book on line.

28th October 2012, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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