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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

Christmas Day in the Caribbean

View from hotel balcony on Christmas Day 2010

I spent Christmas Day on the Island of St Martin in the Caribbean. It is a tropical paradise only 37 square miles.

So there I was with the waves lapping against the hotel terrace while lightly clad local men and women wandered around wearing red Christmas hats in 30 degrees dressing the Christmas tree. The currency is the Euro, and the island is both French and Dutch. Sometime in the 1640s a French runner started at one end of the island and a Dutch runner at the other, and where they met became the border. IsnĀ“t that neat? Where I was everyone spoke French and English. But it is the French and Dutch who own it, amicably enjoying its' beauty and splendid beaches, as also do American tourists. And what does all this have to do with my guitar playing? Nothing at all. Give us a break, it was Christmas Day!

December 2010

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