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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

June is Here….Oh no, It’s Exam Time!

How not to panic and do brilliantly

Wearing my other hat as a dreaded examiner I can let you in on a few simple truths which may guide you to doing really well, You may be playing to an exam panel, or writing a paper – no matter, the preparation should be quite similar.

What the examiner is not looking for
Mistake-free, flawless playing worthy of a debut recital in an important venue
Nerve-free presentation full of verve and flair
Skillful spoken answers full of wit and wisdom

What the examiner is looking for
Musical playing which shows an understanding of the piece in question
A reasonable control by you over your nervous disposition
Straightforward answers to direct questions which reveal you have investigated the subject in question

What the student should not be doing
Partying every evening after practice and homework in order to feel that he or she still “has a life”
Practising eight hours a day till hands start hurting
Reading though all the papers quickly rather than taking a more measured approach. Same goes for practice: slow practice rather than quick and frantic

What the student should be doing
Revise steadily every day by making notes of the material with which he is not so familiar
Practise slowly every day all the tricky passages
Away from the instrument, play the pieces through in your mind, and note the artistic essence of your imagined playing
Reunited with your instrument recreate the artistic and expressive character you imagined

In a previous article Pass your Exams and Play Well in Concert I wrote a time plan with a countdown to E-Day which you may find useful too.

Good luck!

This has been my rough guide to how not to panic and do brilliantly.

1st June, 2013, Mexico

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