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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

Hello! Hola! Ciao!

Speaking different languages is great, but creates confusion for some

Carlos speaking Spanish in Mexico in 2007

Tonight 5 November, I am playing a solo recital in Tijuana, Mexico, which is a mere walking distance to the border with the US and San Diego. I am playing all the same music as in the Bolivar Hall concert on 22 October but adding my Canciones. This is a bi-lingual location, because of its geographical situation, and it has got me thinking about speaking in various languages.

During the concert I will speak and gesticulate in Spanish, and they will find my Spanish accent most amusing because they are Mexican, and so their version of Spanish is different, rather like the Spanish find my Spanish accent amusing in Spain because they think it's English, and in England they think my spoken English accent in English is Spanish.
In Italy they say my Italian has a Spanish accent and my sense of humour is English.
In Spain they say I am more English than Spanish.
In England they say I am more Spanish than English.
Could anyone cause more confusion than me? Mind you, I'm not complaining.

November 2010

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