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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

Bring Out That Note

Three tricks to transform the sound of your chord-playing

One of the qualities of really good playing is the ability to highlight at will different notes in a chord. Here are a few tricks easy to incorporate into your playing which could transform it in just a few minutes.

Highlight top note
Turn the wrist slightly to the right. The fingertips and nails are now more parallel to the strings. This helps create a brighter tone especially in the ring finger, and so brings out the top note of the chord.Remember to turn only the wrist and not the shoulder.

Highlight middle notes
Turn the wrist towards the left so that the fingers come into the strings almost sideways. The thumb is now almost behind the fingers. The sound you produce this way is very rounded and brings out the inner strings.

Highlight bass note
Raise the wrist so that the thumb approaches the bass string at an angle between 50 - 75 degrees, which most likely is a lot higher than to what you are accustomed. This should produce a deeper tone which more easily projects the bass note.

Practise Tips
Take a chord of C Major, with the notes on first, second, third and fifth strings. Play slowly as an arpeggio highlighting one or other note. End the sequence in time by playing the chord on the beat with the same highlighted note.Repeat process highlighting different note.

Play the C Major chord ten times in a row highlighting one or other note. Set yourself the task of producing exactly the same sound and balance ten times in a row.

Take the exercise to the next level and Invent a simple chord sequence with different highlights.

Now play the chord with perfect balance between all the notes.

Don't be surprised if your listening awareness has really improved in the short time since you started thinking and practising all this - well done!

This has been my rough guide to bringing out notes in chords.

14th July, 2013, Valencia, Spain

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