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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

Interpretation For Starters

Eight steps to make it your own

It is a curious thing that a fine interpretation does not sound like "an interpretation" but more like the only way that piece of music could possibly sound. A good interpretation does not suggest or even imply an alternative interpretation: it sounds like the real deal! It is only when you hear an equally convincing alternative interpretation that you become aware that there is an alternative.

How can you as a player become good enough for a listener to think that your interpretation is the only way the music should sound? Here are a few suggestions for making a start:

Listen to recordings, watch videos and go to live concerts to compare different interpretations of the same piece.
Note the differences and ask yourself which you prefer and why.
Is there a general mood in the piece and if so what? If it changes mood, how would you describe it? What is the tempo you have in mind and does it suit the mood? Words are inadequate but try your best.
Are you bringing out the melody? Does it sing, or just plod along?
What is the effect of such-and-such a chord at that particular moment? Why is it so moving or dramatic or touching? How do the chords affect the melody?
Consider phrase lengths, rhythm, accents. Look and play through the music and try to understand - with whatever knowledge you have - the shape and harmonies of the piece.
Work out a fingering which matches your musical ideas.
Now go back to numbers 1/ and 2/ and you will hear them differently, for you will find that you are a lot more certain why you like one interpretation over another.

By now you are developing clear ideas of your own. As you play you will begin to project them too. Your own interpretation is beginning to take shape.

You have made a start on what being a player is all about.

This has been my rough guide to making a start on interpretation.

4th August 2013, St. Cergue, Vaud, Switzerland

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