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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

My Summer in Pictures

27th July: Meeting composer Michael Nyman in Mexico City to play him my guitar arrangements from his music for the film “The Piano” -

5th August: With cows in Switzerland who took not the blindest bit of notice of this photo opportunity -

10th August: Overlooking Lake Geneva, Switzerland, with the Mont Blanc in the background -

15th August: In Juan Menduiňa’s guitar construction workshop near Madrid -

20th August: View from a train window on my journey from Madrid approaching Valencia where I like to spend free time. Note the elegant shrubbery devoid of rain particles -

24th August: a wet wedding for my nephew back in London – where else! Here we are boarding a privately hired old-fashioned double-decker red bus to take us after the ceremony to a pub for a nosh up. How English can you get? -

25th August 2013, London, UK

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