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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

Guitar playing from September - let's get serious


There will always be tension between getting real and your wish list and that is a good thing

I don't know about you, but my new year starts in September, while my New Year starts in January. I hope you are as ready and resolute about your "lower-case" new year as I am, for me this is the time to renew my practice and set my targets for the 12 months ahead.

If you are studying alone, and are not under the supervision of a teacher you are indeed, in the words of Andrés Segovia, your own master and pupil. If you are studying with a teacher then you can decide all this together. If you are following a set syllabus or grade requirements then some of the targets have already been set for you. Whatever your situation, set yourself realistic goals under these headings:

Technical development
Pieces to learn
Other skills to develop e.g. sight-reading, learning more about chords etc.

Now make two columns: one called "getting real" and the other "wish list". In the first try to be as realistic as possible as to what is achievable given the time you have and your present abilities. In the second write what you secretly would like to achieve. There will always be a tension between the two as your secret ambition pushes at the boundary between them, and that is a good thing.

In the long cold nights of winter ahead of us a plan of studies will warm you and give you an aim to complete by this time next year. By then you will have enjoyed another spring and another summer, and your playing will have seasoned too...at least, that's the plan.

An ambition, a plan, endeavour and enthusiasm, more you cannot ask of yourself. Good luck!

1st September 2013, Norwich, England

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