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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

What You Need To Do To Learn A Piece Of Music In Three Steps

The three headings I have used in a previous article for how to learn a piece of music in three steps are:

1.Treat sight-reading or memorising as a fast track to learning
2.Alternate close-up detail with long-distance overview
3.Allow time for you to improve the piece and the “5 time test”

If you think these headings sound like quite a task, then maybe you should consider their individual component parts. Here are the main ones:

Good sight-reading speeds up the learning process.

The process of memorising helps reduce errors because the repetition involved helps focus the mind.

“The 5 time test”:
Repeat phrases five times in a row without a mistake, before moving on to the next phrase.

Keep going in slow time without hesitations ::
Avoid the “stutter” mode of playing. Playing slowly helps eliminate this unfortunate tendency.

Phrasing and dynamics:
Phrasing and dynamics mirror the rhythms and inflections of speech, with its pauses and changes.

Figure out the harmonies:
A familiarity with chords and chord shapes helps create a better understanding of the music, and helps the memory too.

Build this up in stages, starting with short periods of 5 minutes to a maximum of 25 minutes, before taking a break. Relentless playing without breaks is bad and even damaging in every way.

Make a start on these and soon you will be able to approach the three steps of learning a piece of music with greater confidence. All the links here take you to previous articles where I have written about particular aspects which will prepare you for the three steps, including a more detailed discussion of the first step and the second step.

This has been my rough guide to how you need to prepare yourself for learning a piece of music in three steps. Good luck!

4th January 2014, London

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