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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

What Starts As A Technical Challenge Ends As A Musical Accomplishment - And Vice Versa!

Technical problems require technical solutions. True. Technical solutions are what you need to improve your playing. Partly true. With all your technical problems solved you will be a great player. Not necessarily true!

There are technical issues which have to be addressed specifically until sorted e.g. fast scales. You are entitled to be delighted if you can manage playing demi-semi-quavers (32nds) at crotchet=80. Once you have cracked that issue, then starts the real fun by trying to incorporate:

Good tone
+ other considerations relevant to the piece in question

Think of a scale passage in any piece. Is it possible to hear it sound without reference to the considerations above?

Take another technical consideration: making the right hand ring finger sound as strongly and as well as the other fingers. Once you have achieved it you can use it to highlight the tune within an arpeggio passage or in a chordal sequence. Again it matters hugely how you use it in a musical context. This could include:

Good tone
+ other considerations relevant to the piece in question

And so the list goes on. It serves to demonstrate that what starts as a technical challenge can end as a musical accomplishment.

Conversely what starts as a musical challenge can end as a technical accomplishment. For example, any of the fugues by Bach and their contrapuntal character. How to bring out clearly those interweaving lines? The answer lies in developing a technique up to that particular challenge.

You can approach study and practice from both ends: developing technique as an investment for future employment (pardon this rather commercial language!) and on the other hand, achieving a musical quality by developing an appropriate technique.

A frequent alternation between the two is guaranteed to keep you absorbed. It will engage your creative mind, your fingers, and your artistic sensibilities in continuous development.

This has been my rough guide to technique and musicality as both challenge and accomplishment.

Valencia, Spain, 29th March, 2014

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