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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

10 Rules For Becoming A Complete Guitarist (or how best to fake it)

Take an active interest in all styles of music and guitar playing, not just the one you are most drawn to.

Listen to recordings and play back your favourite bits by ear. You will drive yourself crazy working it all out, but developing this skill will be worth it.

Learn to read music fluently, so that you can play music by master composers just as they wrote it.

Dedicate time to steady technical development. Where to start? Well, Fernando Sor alone wrote more than 300 studies.

Learn chords, their inversions and variations. Set a target: to play chord sequences in all the guitar keys.

Know the structure, harmonic development and historical background of the music you are learning.

Take the mystery out of improvising. Start with simple patterns, preferably in the company of someone more experienced than yourself.

Develop a good tone. The most important key to this is to listen to yourself at all times. This is not easy, but facilitated by recording yourself.

Compose your own music. You may have a hidden talent. If not, the learning experience of trying has huge value.

Give your music a social dimension. Play informally to and with family and friends. This might develop into more formal occasions.

Dip your musical toe into each of these and you could pass as a master faker. Immerse yourself and you become a complete guitar player .You may think some of my suggestions over ambitious, and that I must be mad to expect them of you. I am, and so are you to have read this far. You can always go back to being normal any time you like.

Happy travels on your journey to becoming the complete guitarist.

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