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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

Four Golden Rules Of Left Hand Fingering To Be Getting On With

While right hand technique hogs all the attention, left hand technique is considered mechanical and simple by comparison

Carlos interviewed on Radio Nuevo Leon Monterrey, Mexico, 2009

But is this really true? Tense left hand techniques are as responsible for tendonitis and other ailments as tense right hand techniques. In my article Three Basic Rules of Left Hand Technique And How To Stay Clear of Pain I discussed left hand technique. In Good Left Hand Fingering Is Not Rocket Science I discussed good left hand fingering. Poor fingering is the main contributor to awkward sounding passages. Good left hand fingering produces smooth flowing lines. With experience players should be able with confidence to decide when it is useful to persevere with a difficult fingering and when it should be abandoned. That decision should take about 60 seconds, rather than 60 days of suffering!

Here are four golden rules for starters:

Avoid jumps across the strings in the same or adjacent position with the same finger you have just used.

Avoid a consecutive movement of the first finger from holding a single note to holding down a barrée. It is much smoother and easier to land on the barrée from another finger.

Consecutive movements from half barrées to full barrées are difficult, especially in the same position. Best to go direct to the bigger barrée.

Use an open string to jump to and from a high position.

17th November 2014, London

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