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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

10 Qualities Required To Create A Perfect Technique

- to achieve it is a circular process, not a straight line

Carlos stress-free in a Guanajuato restaurant, Mexico, 2011

Carlos stress-free in a Guanajuato restaurant, Mexico, 2011

Technique is often discussed as a pre-requirement for mastering a musical instrument. This is true at the early stages, but not so indefinitely. Impovement is a circular activity (and as such never ending) for technique and musicality are joined like Siamese twins and need each other. A musical requirement invites a technical solution, an advance in technical prowess encourages greater confidence with interpretation which in turn makes new and fresh demands upon technique, leading to more daring musical flourishes, and so it goes on.

Here below is a visit to the circular world of guitar playing and improvement:

For your own total satisfaction, a relaxed state of mind is a prerequisite to ensure you...

play slowly and...

repeat phrases the sufficient times to reduce or eliminate the possibility of errors, whether they be...

scale passages played free or rest stroke or ...

arpeggio passages , all of them demanding...

rhythmic precision and articulation with...

good tone subject to a ...

variety of dynamics which will enhance the music, while the technique acquired makes the playing sound...

smooth thus encouraging a...

relaxed state of mind for your enjoyment and total satisfaction.

3rd May, 2015, London

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