Zoomed Guitars are back

A new series of sessions begins on Monday 21st September, and continues every Monday until end of November (except 26th October).
6.30pm UK time : The Advanced Performance Class
7.45pm UK time : The Intermediate Performance Class

You are welcome to join as viewers free of charge. Your participation as a member of the audience greatly adds to the sense of occasion. You can join in the applause too – it’s as noisy as in a concert hall.

Please write to me if you wish to take part as a player, wherever you are, you are welcome. Your performance will be zoomed live to the world from the comfort of your own home. This is a truly exhilarating and surreal experience you must not miss!

Please send a request and you will receive a Zoom meeting invitation.

The Monday classes are derived from the classes at the UCL, London, which bring together keen players of Grade 7 standard (or equivalent) and above.
In normal times this is the message :
” Want to try out and perform your solo pieces every week? Need to improve your technique? Want to take charge of your nerves and not the other way round? Like to play in a guitar ensemble? On the last day of term, you can play in a public concert (free admission) which also includes a special guest artist. Please see the News panel for a list of previous guest artists.”

I hope soon we will return to that reality but meanwhile let us enjoy bringing the guitar community together, as players and listeners, through the Zoomed Guitar Sessions.

Write for invite

The UCL Guitar Ensemble in concert at the Gustave Tuck Theatre. UCL, London 11th December 2013
The UCL Guitar Ensemble directed by Joao Loureiro in concert at the Gustave Tuck Theatre. UCL, London 11th December 2013

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