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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

Summer in the City

Why and how to practise when all you want to do is go out

Carlos with bus and crowds in Regent Street, London

After Venice, Treviso, the Parma hills and the Italian lakes I returned home to London. Now, I love London: I was born there and grew up there. So don’t get me wrong – but why is the West End so full of people, and buses, and noise? And (I never thought I would say this) why is it so hot!? Having left behind the streets of Venice full of tourists, I find they have all followed me to London. Help!

So how to practise the guitar with all the distractions of a city bursting with life? Here is my advice:

- Repertoire? Choose “summer” pieces like Spanish music by Albéniz. If that is not to your taste then something jazz-inspired or Latin-sounding. Unless you are madly keen to do so, do not bother with Bach and the like – leave that for the autumn evenings.

- Technique? What technique? Scales are sticky and sweaty: rattle through them only early in the morning.

- Sight-reading? Oh yes, that. This is the perfect time – no pressure, just take it easy and enjoy doing it badly.

- Going out? Definitely yes. Put your guitar away and enjoy an art gallery, strolling in the parks, having a drink on a café terrace and anything else that takes your fancy. It will put you in such a good frame of mind that you will breeze through your practise in an excellent mood.

July 2011

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