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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

The Earl of Harewood

I was very sad to read of the death of the Earl of Harewood, first cousin of the Queen, He was a man who did great things for the arts, especially opera. My good friend the writer Graham Wade reminds me that the Earl organised a series of celebrity concerts at his stately home, Harewood House, including a solo guitar recital by me. I remember playing quite a demanding programme including Ponce’s Sonata Romántica.

After the concert I was invited to have supper with the Earl, his wife the Countess of Harewood and their close friend Lord Saville. For a while I couldn’t figure out how the waiters arrived exactly on cue without so much as poking their heads round the door, until I detected the secret bell under the table discreetly pressed at the right moment to summon the next course. I stayed overnight and slept in a four poster bed with an amazingly soft mattress, presumably the result of many generations of slumber thereupon. In the early morning there was a knock on the door. Without waiting for a reply the maid waltzed in, flung open the curtains, left me a tray of tea, and flounced out again!

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July 2011

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