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Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

Ten New Year Guitar Resolutions

No excuses, this time they are really going to happen

To learn the pieces I keep putting off

To enjoy in a completely relaxed and patient manner all my practise and playing

To do as I preach to my students and not to put off to tomorrow what I can learn today

To always comply with my Five Time Test method of practising phrases i.e. to be able to play a phrase correctly five times in a row before moving onto the next one

To set myself a year's realistic programme of study and development, and stick to it

To finish composing those great pieces going round in my head which I never get to finishing or writing down

To set very high targets in the hope that I may reach one or two of them

To not waste a moment on indifferent music and to dedicate all my energies to only good music

To listen to more music of all styles from Rock to Baroque, for both my pleasure and education

And lastly, but not much to do with guitar playing….

To not get so easily depressed and annoyed by crowded streets, crowded shops and crowded airports. (Maybe this should be part of my fifth resolution!)

Watch this space for my progress report of how I get on. Have I missed out anything important?

By the way, what are yours'?

December 2011

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