10 Ways To Improve Your Playing During The Summer Holiday
Published: 26 July, 2014

…and still have fun in the sun

Play relaxed – do as you please when you please.

By all means do lots of technical work-outs if you feel like it, otherwise don’t.

Explore those aspects of your guitar playing you never get round to doing during the rest of the year, for example improvising, understanding chords etc.

Some people take a holiday book to read while turning bright red under the sun. You could take an equivalent weight in sight-reading pieces, read them indoors, and not look like a tomato on legs.

You know that piece you have been wanting to learn for ages? This is the time to do it.

If you don’t feel like serious practice, don’t. Play for fun instead. Actually, you may remember that’s what it was all about once.

Round up a few friends, neighbours or holiday makers you have just met and organise an impromptu musical evening with singing, playing and a few drinks on the side. It will bring out the best in you, guaranteed – provided you don’t get started on the conga as well.

Find out about the local cultural life. You could surprise yourself with something quite thrilling and totally unexpected.

Try composing something in your care-free state away from home. It is the ideal moment to lose creative inhibitions.

The common thread through all of the above is that the change of location and the change of rhythm (pardon the pun) are excellent opportunities to improve your playing in an unstructured way. Simply by being relaxed and having bags of time great things could happen. All you have to do is turn on the relax-and-let-go switch, and turn off the I-must-do-some-proper-practise switch.

26th July, Siguenza, Spain

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